Our Practice


I am an Internist with a subspecialty in Geriatrics. I have been serving in the community at large for over 26 years. At my clinic, we offer the highest level of personal and professional service. My highly trained staff is committed to meeting all of our patients needs.

My ideal patients are between the ages of 18 to 65 and above, who are looking for an excellent and compassionate doctor. Since my staff is well versed in French, Haitian-Creole, Spanish, German, and English, my patients will not experience many, if any, language barriers.  I treat many health concerns ranging from diabetes to hypertension to cardiovascular disease to pulmonary to lipids and to morbid obesity. My goal is to provide very good care for you and your family focusing on preventative medicine through regular office visits.

I trained in Montpellier - France, Grenada - W.I, Brooklyn - NY, Nashville - TN and Miami - FL.

                        We thank you for choosing our office as 
                           your Health Care Provider  

Ginette Gay, B.A. (Office Manager)

Reginald S. Gay, M.D., Clinical Trial Research - Senior Medical Director
Alisha Taina Gay, B.A., R.N., (Weight Control Advisor)  
Nakechia Michelle Gay, B.A. (Business Development), MBA Candidate
Diana Deardorff, (N.R.M.A)
Yvonne Coello, (C.R.M.A.)
Micheline Jean, (General Medical Office Staff) 

If weight control is a concern for you click on this link:: weight control management  to review the program including our before & after photo gallery. Now enjoy musics for the 50's and over music 

Our weight management program including our aesthetic medicine service are both IAPAM recognized